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Living Leviticus Podcast

March 15, 2014


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I am excited to bring you a new podcast named¬†Living Leviticus¬†(available on iTunes and at the RSS Feed). Leviticus is one of my personal favorite books of the Bible but often gets short shrift by many preachers Sunday mornings. I mean, how can sacrifice and God’s killing of priests while serving in the Temple and prohibitions on poly-blend garments and bacon good for the modern church? Well, that’s exactly what I want to talk about!

This biblical book is a boon of theology concerning how to live out holiness in all aspects of one’s life from the sanctuary, under the sheets, on the streets and at supper. This book is the first one digested by young Jewish minds on purpose. Often people ask where to start reading in the Bible when they become new Christians and I always suggest staying away from Genesis. People like to start at the beginning, but the beginning is all about family fighting, rape, genocide, faithlessness, conniving and the like. Instead of learning about the ways of mankind, let us begin with how to show love, respect and honor to the God to whom you now want to serve with all your heart. The book of Leviticus is the book of the Bible that highlights what God likes in the way of worship and what he expects of his children in living their life before others and with others in the world.

I encourage you to join me on this journey of faith and holiness as we read an ancient books with vast implications for the modern reader. Each podcast will be approximately 10 minutes long. I look forward to this journey through the text and hope you do as well.

Feel free to email any comments of questions you may have or topics in Leviticus you may like to be go deeper on. And sincerely, thank you for listening.

Harming Ourselves (Jer. 7:6)

October 7, 2010

Dear Lord, Your word today says that by following my own desires, by worshipping the idols in my life I am actually harming myself! Your word says to Love God, Love others as you Love Yourself. Oh Lord, the right worship of You is found in not desecrating the image (idol) of God – humans, and I am a human too! By not taking care of myself, I kill and deface the very image of God. Give me strength to see my idols that I worship and in so doing harm myself. And my following lies (idols) to my own gain is just as bad as taking advantage of others to get ahead, for we all are your creatures, your image.

It seems so easy to pick on “foreigners” – who is the foreigner to me? May I not join in the abuse of foreigners of the faith (non-Christians), may I be persuaded to punish those who exploit the true foreigners who are illegal in this country rather than vilify the aliens. Melt my heart for their plight and give me power to do justice upon their behalf in a land where they are exploited, used, abused and cheapened just so others can make another dollar off their backs. the problem is there are jobs for the illegals in the USA – ones where they are abused, but have a better chance than in their own home countries. May You help me shut down the rackets that exploit the alien and therefore in so doing help the alien to enter the country with dignity and honor. My own welfare is connected to how I treat the aliens amongst us. May I do unto them as I would want to be done unto me. Amen.

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