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The Book of Numbers: 7 unfaithful acts

May 3, 2008

Within the narrative of the book of Numbers we find seven times when Israel fails to trust in the Lord. Four of the seven were tests that God wanted them to endure, and many of them came in the form of trusting God for food and water or for having greedy desires (11:1-3; 4-34; 20:1-13; 21:4-9). Two of the seven cases of distrust where in their refusal to accept God’s chosen leaders (12:1-16; 16). And the last and most grevious refusal of believing God’s best for them concerned their belief in the bad report of the promised land.

Often this pattern continues in our own life’s journey. Look back and see, when did you doubt God in the past? Was it when your faith was tested for the very necesities of life? When the finances were tight, when you desired more than your current estate could afford, did you have trouble keeping from grumbling or believing God through those hardships? When God placed leaders in your life for your own good, but you did not like their style of leadership or their personality, what have you – did you start to lose faith that God knew what He was doing? And when it came to believing in the promises God planted in your heart many years ago and it seems you will never get there, or when you do arrive the task of attaining that goal seems impossible, did you lose heart in the face of reality that God did promise and will see you through it? Take a lesson from those in the wilderness lest you to be burned alive by your unbelief by a God who desires to see you make the journey’s end. 


Repent One Day Before You Die

February 27, 2008

Rabbi Eliezer said in the Mishnah said, “Repent one day before you die.” We always think we have tomorrow to worry about eternal things, to ask forgiveness from someone, to fix a wrong we committed, and so on. Oh, to forget that one day in your life will not have a tomorrow.

Esau didn’t think too much on the eternal results of temporal choices. In Genesis 25:32 he says, “I’m about to die, so what good is a birthright to me?” He’s not dying, he’s hungry. But how often do we choose to take the hyperboles of life as literal? How often do we too fall prey to the necessity of the urgent and forsake our future? Oh, eternal things can wait, this temporal matter is more pressing.

Oh friend, let us not waste away our eternity for lousy bowls of soup. The choices we make today will great determine our eternity, the attitudes we cop here will echo forever. Repent, and be mindful, lest tomorrow is the beginning of eternity where we cannot fix up yesterday’s issues.

At Rest and the Attack of Satan

January 29, 2008

I’ve noticed a pattern in the Scriptures… Satan seems to attack after the blessing of the Lord has led His people into rest. Adam, after Eve’s entrance, is douped by the serpent leading to their expulsion. David, after God gives him rest on every side is incited to number the people resulting in a plague. Job, after sacrificing on behalf of his children, living in the prosperity of God’s blessing is buffeted by the Devil. Joshua the High Priest, preparing to begin the ministry again in Israel has Satan hanging in the wings…

Have you been attacked after God’s blessing is poured out upon you? After a spiritual high, after God gives you rest on every side? You are in good company. But I urge you, do not let the devil steal your joy – fight for it. When you are in the palm of God’s hand, be prepared to be the center of Satan’s target. The key is to abide in the joy of the Lord, and not strive to dodge the flaming arrows, thereby falling out of God’s hand. Hold the shield of faith high – faith in Jesus – believe God has it under control.

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