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Woodlee Family 2013Scott is a pastor on a God-imposed sabbatical after ministering for 17 years, 11.5 of them as the senior pastor of Franklin Christian & Missionary Alliance Church in Franklin, PA. Christine, his wife of fifteen years and the are parents of 8 year old Norah Hope and 11 year old, Evelyn Noel.

Scott attended Zion Bible College where he earned a BA in Pastoral Ministries, Ashland Theological Seminary where he obtained a Masters of Arts in Old Testament, and graduated from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary with a MDiv. His desire is to educate and equip the body of Christ that they may deepen their personal relationship with God the Father in and through Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit and share their faith with passion.

As a pastor, he believes all pastors should be proficient in three eternal things: God, people and the Word. These are the only three eternal things and it is our vocation as pastor to bring people to God through the Word (which is Jesus Christ). Some pastors are so filled with the Spirit that they spend too much time in the third heaven and are thus little earthly good. Others spend their time with their noses buried in the Book and cannot relate well with others. Then there are some who are great counselors but spend so much time with people “on the couch” that they are not prayed or studied up in the Word enough to be eternally valuable. Each pastor will be proficient in one of those areas, it is inevitable. But the good pastor tries to bring balance to pray, study, and attending to the needs of the church. True pastoring bridges all three arenas with grace.

He also believes that a pastor is a servant – but a Servant of God. Oftentimes a pastor becomes a waiter for the people of God, focussing solely on their needs. But we are, from the Greek “house-servants” meaning we are in a sense: butlers. Pastors buttle within the house of the Lord. We prepare the house, we serve the Master, we prepare the way for the guests to come to meet with the Lord of the Manor. You do not come to see the doorkeeper, but the one within. We make your stay pleasant but we keep close to the fact that it is His house and His domain and we teach others to enter it with respect and resplendency as they may enjoy the presence of the Lord within his realm. May all pastors remember our place as a servant and primarily that of service unto our Father in Heaven.

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  1. John Wentworth Says:

    I am impressed with this terrific bio of a man of God, impacting the world for Christ. I saw your business card in a file today and thought I’d check things out to see how you’re doing. I’m thrilled to see you’re still there serving the church in Franklin.Hope all is well with you Scott, and your family. Please give my regards to your folks. Jane and I have recreated ourselves as Congregationalists. I’m pastoring First Parish Congregational Church in Pownal, Me. We’re an independent, evangelical church, around since 1811. We’re enjoying the church very much. I will look forward to receiving your blogs online. God bless!

    Pastor John Wentworth

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