In God’s Image – Creator or Consumer?

lego_r7_c2Much has changed over the years and yet, “nothing is new under the sun.” The desires of Adam and Eve still drive the humanity today, only with cooler gadgets. This summer my girls participated in a Lego Robotics Workshop hosted by the Franklin Public Library. I was overjoyed to see them bent over Legos and laptops while creating in an air-conditioned room rather than bent over handheld screens, consuming a foreign-made app, and walking aimlessly around town. pokemon_goWe have shifted from creators to consumers. America used to create and consume, now we outsource the creation but continue to consume the products. There are some pockets of resistance like this robotics club and maker’s markets for that I am thankful. But overall we are falling back to the original lie in Genesis: to be godlike one consumes rather than creates.

When we think of the Greek pantheon and other ancient mythologies the gods are crafted in our image. What would we want if we were gods? We would want a lazy life, loyal subjects, and ample food and pleasures. The God of the Bible on the other hand was not created in our image, rather we were created in His likeness a creator who calls us to cultivate his garden.

amt-34-ford-5-window-coupe-model-kit-scale-1-25-unsealed-plastic-car-5f5b15322809a83c799e88733b8b84e2When I was young I played with toys of creation. We had Tonka Trucks, Lincoln Logs, Erector Sets, models, and (of course) Legos. Even the parents experienced the maker’s universe before Christmas as they conquered the chaos of multiple parts, tab A and slot B, building bikes and Barbie playhouses. As I grew I worked for my neighbors, mowing in the summers and shoveling in the winters. Money and extras were earned. My allowance came with dirty jobs like taking out the garbage and clearing the dinner table.

One of the problems with modern America is that there is less emphasis on the making and more on the taking, less on creating and more on consuming. The toys have changed from creating to consuming. Even video games went from level advancement based on skill to advancing based on in-app purchases. Kids aren’t eager to mow or do dirty jobs for an allowance. Afternoon commercials reveal the transformation. When I was home sick from school I saw Sally Struthers encouraging the unemployed on how they could receive new training. Now our afternoon commercials beg us to file lawsuits while staying unemployed.

adam26eveAdam and Eve, even without an iPhone, followed the same mentality. Why work when you can get it by consuming something? They were called to create and cultivate and instead they chose to partake in order to gain the benefits without the work. We forget that the Sabbath Commandment begins, “Six days you shall work…”

As school starts I urge the church and parents to re-cultivate the maker mentality for the next generation. Let us urge them to create more than they consume and therein find the pride of being made in God’s image.

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