Why the Trinity Matters

Trinity     The crown of Christian theology is the Trinity. Being trinitarian matters. We Christians are not shaped by our worldview, morals, and geopolitical leanings rather these are shaped by our God-view. The Trinity matters. Sadly this doctrine is not often well articulated by the common Christian or applied to why and how we live. Let me briefly explain why the Trinity matters and how this doctrine influences us in two ways.
     Trinity does not mean multiple deities. God cannot be omnipotent if there is more than one; that would make him some-powerful and who wants to worship someone who is only influential in some areas? On the other hand we believe God is love and love requires another person. If God is eternal and love then God must not be singular prior to creation. Trinity comes from the Latin meaning a set of three which implies their value and identity is as a singular group. God without one or more of the Godhead would be like owning a pair of pants with only one pant-leg. God as Trinity makes sense of the whole.
     God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The first principle is that God is relational. As stated above God is love and that love is depicted in the relationship of Father and Son. God the Father is described variously. He is Lord which depicts boss or ruler. He is Creator meaning the initial inventor or craftsman. But the Trinity settles us firmly into relationship. A ruler or craftsman may have a relationship between the ruled or crafted but it is distant and disconnected. The Father is not estranged. The Father is nurturer, protector, and provider. More so He is not solely in relationship with Jesus His Son. We are invited into the same relationship through His Son who teaches us to pray, “Our Father.” We are adopted into that family.
     The Son, Jesus Christ, not only connects us to the Father in Heaven but to the Spirit. He asks the Father to send the Spirit in Jesus’ name to dwell, guide, teach, and empower the believer. This second principle is that God is spiritual, It is through the Spirit we are again connected to God who gave us our spirit at creation making us unique. We are something wholly other on this world: we are spiritual beings. We are more than a clump of cells, more than animated dirt.
     Relationship and spirituality connect us to our Trinitarian God and influence our motives and morals. We are concerned with right relationships seeking true peace, abiding love, fidelity, etc. We value human life because we are more than carbon-based life forms. We have soul. Without the Trinity we have a disconnected God who wound the world like a clock and human life would have no value over any other earthly life form. Our only relationship would be to the clay we came from. But with a Triune God being human means something.

2 Responses to “Why the Trinity Matters”

  1. Randy Barrett Says:

    Can you please tell me what the English translation is of the Hebrew in the symbol? Thank you for your time?

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