The Power of the Lord for You, Luke 5:17

“And the Power of the Lord was with Jesus to heal the sick.” I wonder if this is not only a statement of fact (that Jesus heals) but if there is more under the surface. The Greek doesn’t mention “the sick” but says “them.” Who is the “them?” And the word “heal” can also mean “restore.” The verse (5:17) is about the Pharisees & Bible scholars. And the story is about the power of forgiveness more so than healing for the lame man.

I wonder if Jesus is healing more than one thing in this story of the lame man. To me it seems that the story is about 1) the Pharisees & the Bible scholars being taught that Jesus does it all—heals, saves, & sanctifies. For the lame man’s friends that 2) their buddy’s salvation is primary. And for the lame that 3) Jesus is able to heal wholly, even when you least expect it. Yup. Jesus has the Power of the Lord to restore in many ways.

Which is why they said, & we shall too on Sunday, “They were filled with awe and said, ‘We have seem remarkable things today.’”

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