Noah: 2 Reasons to Take Too Long

Noah, God’s righteous servant, spent (what would be for us) a lifetime building the ark. You have to wonder why. I mean, here is a farmer, asked to build a boat not close to any shore, in a place that has never seen rain, sur- rounded by great and powerful men with no respect for the God he proclaims. What a mission- ary. Not only is he given the task to build the ark but Peter calls him the preacher of right- eousness, given the message of the impending catastrophe. But why did God give him such a long time to complete the task? I just don’t think it was so Noah could have more time to round up all the animals.

First, Noah is having his righteous faithfulness tested and proven true. Every day, people are looking at him as if he’s lost his marbles – building a boat, waiting for rain. Could you imagine the hassle it was to go down to the hardware store and hear the men chuckle as he buys a couple more planks, some wa- terproofing tar and another box of nails? Or when he went to the market to purchase some bags of bird seed and lion food? The mockery, the jabs, the snickers and the violence against his person and his psyche… But he was proven faithful. After years of hard work and ridicule, he built the ark that would save his wife, family and a world full of animals.

Secondly, it gave the people a chance to see true faith and to respond. God has compassion on his people and will give them ample time to choose. They saw the man who worked under scorn, they heard his words of righteousness as he preached and prepared for the coming judgment. And yet, they chose their destiny, they chose not to repent.

What can we learn from this? 1) Take each test that comes your way as a chance to show yourself faithful to God. 2) You may work and preach and live righteously and in the Lord’s eyes, you are found faithful, even if the harvest you reap is only 7 humans. Ezekiel says when God brings judgment, even if Noah was among them, his righteousness would only save himself (Ezekiel 14:14). Your job is to preach the truth, prepare for the coming of Christ and live a righteous life. It is God’s job to save. So what task seeming like a lifetime of mean- inglessness to you – maybe it’s a test of your faithfulness and a testimony to others of godliness.

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