Forgiveness “Love keeps no record of wrongs”

1 Corinthians 13:5 says that love should “keep no record of wrongs.” True forgiveness does not ignore the sin – we are called to rebuke others when they sin against us (Lk 17:3-4) and restore them by the help of the Holy Spirit (Gal 6:1), but we are not to keep an account of every time and every amount. Forgiveness does not take – its not in the word — “give” is in the word. By holding onto our hurt takes away our joy and freedom and it takes away from the spiritual development of the one we are holding back by always checking them against their prior record. We need to seal the old records, expunge them even! But what about a pattern of behavior? Forgiveness and trust are two entirely different things (a post for another time) – but let us see what Jesus has to say on it.

When Jesus is asked by Peter how far his forgiveness should extend, Jesus made his a lifetime warranty. Some people are just plain unforgiving (Cf Lamech). Peter thought there should be a “Sin Debt Limit.” But Jesus says Peter’s approach of limited forgiveness falls short – we have been forgiven much, so should we forgive in exorbitantly.

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