Past the Hope of Healing (Jeremiah 14:19)

Jeremiah 14:19, “Why have you wounded us past all hope of healing?… We hoped for a time of healing, but found only terror.”

Dear Lord, may I have the fortitude of faith to endure when I pray for healing and find none. May I have faith to see in my hurt the profound power of mercy and grace – when the answers to prayers are “no.” My faith will not shatter even in my brittle body for I am not my ailment; I am not defined by the limitations of my body. I am defined as “in your image” and just as your image was marred upon the whipping post and crucifix and from brokenness flowed divine grace and mercy I too can identify with You and from that pull strength of soul and offer that same wholeness to others. My wholeness is not found in my flesh, but in my soul. I am wounded and past the hope of healing, but my soul will then one day be freed from these bonds of sinew and skin and released. So I shall praise you, Lord, even if tattered.

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