Who is my flock? (Jer. 13:20)

“Where is the flock that was entrusted to you, the sheep of which you boasted?” (Jer. 13:20) Dear Lord, lest I forget, there is a flock you have entrusted to me, and there are those I’d rather run after. Jeremiah is scolding Judah for not protecting its people but rather looking for others for protection and prostituting themselves for that protection. How backwards! How I do the same thing. You have given me a wife and children and a church family but at times I run after those I want to be friends with rather than those to whom you have entrusted to me. Give me courage to accept Your flock and work for their benefit, to spend my time, treasure, talent and talk upon them instead of wooing others to hear me. You gave me people in my life, help me to give back to them. And you have kept me from others, help me to stay focused on the flock before me rather than the desires to join the bandwagon of others. Thank you for my church and nuclear family – help to be honor them lest you embarrass me.

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