Talking Rightly, Walking Evilly (Jeremiah 3:5)

“So you talk, but you keep on doing all the evil you can.” (Jeremiah 3:5b). Dear Lord, it seems as if evil is forgetting You. Sometimes it seems that I define evil as vile and heinously wicked acts and consider myself free from such maliciousness. And yet, through Jeremiah, You tell me that when I put other things in front of You, I am acting evilly. Forgive me when I talk like a Christian but act like the heathen.

In the beginning of verse 5 it says, “Surely you won’t be angry forever! Surely you can forget about it!” Oh, but when I’m hurt by someone else I can bear a grudge and have trouble letting it go. So here I am, just thinking that slapping You in the face will be so easily forgiven for You are God – You are Love and Forgiveness. Help me to see how badly I hurt You and how expensive the gift of Love and Forgiveness is that I may not be rash to assume you forgive and I continue to run roughshod over Your grace. Thank you Lord for this word, may I learn what my wickedness is (my unfaithfulness) and not make light of your forgiveness. And Christ Jesus, help me to keep my walk in line with my talk. Amen.

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