Christ’s Scribes (II Cor 3:2)

Paul in 2 Corinthians 3:2 says the church is a letter from Christ, written on our hearts, known and read by everybody.” He says it is, “the result of our ministry.” This is a timely reminder to all of us Christians that our ministry is to be scribes, writing upon the human hearts the testimony of Christ.

It’s easy to lose that mindset in the midst of ministry and life. Our lasting work is what we leave in the hearts of our friends, family, neighbors and the impressions we leave on our foes. You may do many great works on this earth, you may work hard in your daily lives, but it will all fade away and never see the light of eternity, save what you have impressed upon the hearts of people. Our stuff, our works, our jobs, everything we see before us, hold, buy, sell, make, and take will but be dust and ashes. So why do we work so hard at it? People are eternal, yes we may die, but we are just passing from here to eternity – so Paul reminds us, not matter what we have done nothing will last except that which we left in the hearts of others.

What are you leaving in the hearts of your children? Are you working long hours to provide for them? Make sure you provide them with your time so you may speak into their hearts. Are you coworkers hearing live-giving words? Is your ministry in your church based on quality time with other Christians, being a modern day scribe writing eternity on their hearts? Paul says ministry is people, not programs. Are you taking time to have your heart engraved with words of life?

Today, let us think about the letters we leave behind. Make sure we take time to have our hearts engraved by the Spirit and make time to write the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ on the hearts of all those in our lives – for that is our lasting impression, letters, written on hearts, by the Spirit and read by everybody.

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