Stick to it Timothy

Paul makes in interesting statement in I Timothy 1 saying, “As I urged you when I went to Macedonia, stay there in Ephesus.” Poor Timothy. This letter is written to encourage him to stay faithful to his calling, and in particular, to stay put at his current church family. The Greek word here is even an intensive form of “to say.” It could be translated as, “but stay a little bit longer.” It is not so much as saying, “hold out.” as it is saying, “dig in.” Timothy is in a church with lots of problems – some of them even stem from the leadership who have drifted from the Bible into other controversies. Timothy wants released, and from this verse it seems he asked Paul to let him leave on at least another occasion for Paul says, “just as I urged you when I went to Macedonia, stay there in Ephesus.” in effect, Paul is saying, I told you before, and I am telling you again – stay here for you are God’s worker to help this church.

I think this is an important lesson for today’s church member. It seems all too often we are looking for the perfect church were we can just fit right in instead of doing the hard yet glorious work of staying with our church family that God has placed us with and helping them become the spotless bride of Christ. Paul came and went from Ephesus, but Timothy was called to stay. Some of us are called for a short time, and some of us are called to remain a little longer and dig in. If more of us dug in then the church could truly become a unified body of believers glorifying Christ and changing the world. Pray to be a Timothy, to stick through the hard times and see God at work. Are you willing to remain in a roaming culture? Let us be stick-to-it Christians.

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