What God Likes

This week we look to Genesis to see what God values. God creates the heavens and the earth, but he doesn’t dwell on the heavenlies; Most of the narrative describes the creation of the earth and calls it good. What then does our Lord value? The Earth. And in the creation, humanity takes prominence and even called, “very good.” Conclusion: humanity is important to God. He then describes various human achievements. Genesis Five shows us Jabal, who was the father of those who live in tents and raise livestock. He is the first to create community and commerce. His brother Jubal gave us culture as he was the father of music. Tubal-Cain gave us technology and tools. But their entire generation is wiped out in the Deluge. The only accomplishment God was looking for in humanity was righteousness, which he finds in Noah. Thus, God cares about righteous people above all.

Our culture is filled with those who value the earth more than the people who inhabit it. We have people who think the most important things are community, commerce, culture or technology. These have there place, but what we learn from Scripture is that what our Lord truly values is righteousness. The fathers of these important human contributions all perish. Even the good creation, something God Himself took more time to create than humans, perished in the flood.

Today’s question is simply, where do you put your value in this life? Is it creation, community, commerce, culture, technology… or is it righteousness. Saving or developing any of those good things without doing it in righteousness secures its demise. But being a person of righteousness, according to Genesis is what our Lord values above all, and so should we.

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