The Ugly, Thin & Hungry Cows of Genesis 41

Genesis 41 begins with the dream of Pharaoh. Seven good-looking and heavy heifers are eaten by seven scrawny and ugly cows. This dream is interpreted by Joseph concerning a time of great harvest, seven years long, to come but following those seven years of prosperity, seven years of famine will be upon them. The famine will be so severe that all the surplus from the seven previous years will be wiped out. They will be but a memory, eaten by the seven gaunt years.

Isn’t that the truth in so many different ways? Ever have a time of greatness and all is well? Then, when the famine in our lives hits, it hits hard and in our ugly, hungry and thin lives we devour our memories, our former glories, our good-looking and prosperous past? We can’t even remember “the good ‘ole days.” They are devoured. Our current conditions blind us to the fact that God had provided for our famine with years of plenty.

We must not abandon God when the famines hit – when all you worked for to have a better life for tomorrow… he gave you more than you needed so that when the hard times come, you are provided for. Being a Christian doesn’t mean you wont have years of famine, its believing God will and has already made provisions for you. But we must be careful to guard our hearts, lest we see the ugly lean cows devour our bountiful and beautiful bovines of before.

The lean cows devoured the heavy happy ones – the good memories are a vapor. Do not let the circumstances of today sour your perspective on the past and God’s glorious future for you. Yes, you may have seen seven great years, and now you are living in seven horrid years – but remember that God prepared you for such a time as this, and the story is not over after these 14 years… are you able to survive the test of the lean years? Trust God has it all figured out and walk in the way he has sent you – through want and plenty, in sickness, poverty and loss there will be health, prosperity and gain as well. Amen.

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