Cain’s Curse (Genesis 4:3, 11-12)

Cain brought an offering to the Lord. The difference between his offering (“some of the fruits of the soil”) and Abel’s offering (“fat portions of some of the firstborn of his flock”) was not the quantity, but the quality. Each brought some – but Abel brought the best part of the firstborns. But Cain doesn’t bring the firstfruits. Who do you put first? When it’s time to tithe, who gets the first cut? When it comes to your time, your talents, your treasures — all of which came from our God — who gets first dibs?

God accepted “some” of the firstborn fat from Abel. It doesn’t say “all.” But He got the prime stuff and the first cut; not the left overs. We must make sure that we honor God with the gifts He gave us. Yes, we can have some too (think about it – God only asks for 10%, you get to keep 90%!). But your cut comes second. God created and sustained, you tended and harvested. Give Him what is do…

“Why,” might you ask, “should I give first?” Well, because God tends to curse the very thing we love and are gifted for if we do not acknowledge the Giver of the gift. Cain’s punishment is that as a splendid farmer, he doesn’t get the great harvest from working the ground like he used to. “When you work the ground, it will no longer yield its crops for you.” Oye. The very thing he excelled at became his curse. His blessing became his bane. God takes away the very gift you do not first acknowledge Him with it…

So here is the warning. What has God given you (everything)? And how have you honored Him with it… first? with the best? You can have 90% and give God the left over 10% and be like Cain, having nothing. Or you can give 10% of the first and God will greatly bless your remaining 90%. Your choice – do not let your gift become your curse. Give God the Glory Due His Name. Amen.

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