A Pleasing Aroma

Leviticus begins with chapters devoted to the sacrificial/offering system. One interesting point is that different sacrifices are for different functions but that certain sacrifices are a pleasing aroma to the Lord while others are not. Offerings given to God to honor Him – ones that are freely given and not required, and ones that are in concert with fellowship, one with another and with God – they are pleasing to the heart and the nose of God. But those that are required because of atonement for sin (whether intentional or accidental) is not mentioned as a pleasing aroma.

I think that’s an interesting point. God doesn’t like the sacrifice – there is a penalty for sin, and that demands action, but it’s not something He delights in. However, when we are coming to God with offerings (not sacrifices for atoning sin) God is well pleased. God is glad we can have contrite hearts and make things right between our church family and with Him, but what truly pleases Him is a freewill, just to say I love you, out of the abundance of our joy, offering…

Valentine’s Day is coming up. It is one of those must-remember-your-spouse days. What if you went and picked out a bunch of cards and stashed them in a drawer and during the year, when your spouse least expects it, out of the love in your heart, give them a pre-Valentine’s Day reminder of how much they mean to you?

You want a blessing in your marriage, go beyond the obligatory holidays. You want more in your spiritual life, give more of your time, your talents, your treasure to the One who gave you time, gifted you with talents, and got you employment. Give Him a freewill offering — not only is it a pleasing aroma, but God is known to react with “pressed-down, shaken-together, spilling-over” loving kindness – just like your spouse when they are recognized without commercial marketing…

Give God (and your spouse) something that resembles a pleasing aroma. Warm their hearts on the every-days. You can’t have a great marriage when you only buy flowers after a fight to say, “I love You” or on Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day… It’s the same with God. Only coming to Him when you are sorry, praying only on the high holidays just doesn’t cut it. You want religion or a relationship? You want the institution of marriage or a soul-mate-spouse? Then give them a pleasing aroma in your freewill offerings… bless them and find the blessing of a truly inspirational relationship. Amen.

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