The Rock and The Droplet

There is a story that Rabbi Akiva once observed a steady drop of water boring a hole in a rock. When we first think of it, it seems absurd that water can change a rock – especially a drip. But the power of repetition, and the power of the “less is more” can make an impression on the hardest of rocks.

How much more so can the steady drip drop of the Scriptures make an impression upon our sin-hardened hearts of stone? Often I have people say they want to get into Bible reading as they have slipped away from their devotions. So they take up a Bible-In-A-Year plan, or sit down to hours long steady reading. I tell you, a 5 gallon bucket of water dumped upon the surface of a rock will do little to make an impression – it will be wet, but otherwise only the surface will be changed, and only for a short time. But the steady drip, the small continuous amounts of water tap-tapping at that rock will alter the rock. The same is with the Scripture. Take seven minutes a day, every day and read the Bible. Let it sink in, slowly marinate your soul and in a year, you may not have read the whole Bible, but you will find yourself indelibly, and markedly changed.

Rabbi Akiva didn’t start truly studying the Bible until he was in his 40’s. After he saw that drip, he knew he could be altered too… “If drops of water can make an imprint on a stone,” he reasoned, “then even I can learn Torah.” You are never to far off, too old or too anything to be impressed by the Scripture, if you allow it to affect you, a little at a time.

So take the 7 minute challenge – 7 minutes a day, 7 days a week. Read, think, pray. Allow a little Scripture to change you a lot — instead of a lot of Scripture change you a little.

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