Isaiah 41:7 Idol Reinforcements

“One says of the welding, ‘It is good.’ The other nails down the idol so it will not topple.” (TNIV)

It must be something to see what you believe in fall. If you believe in it enough – you cannot see it fall, so you prop it up, spot weld the bad spots and tack it down again. We cannot go through this life putting bondo and band-aids on our broken and failed idols.

What do you believe in that is beginning to crack? Your retirement plans? Your healthcare? Your faith in the democratic and biblical roots of America? Your friend and confidant? Sooner or later all things on this earth will pass away. The problem here is who we put our trust in “chariots and horses” — meaning some trust the machine and the mechanics. You know some machines: the political machine, the free-market machine, the religion machine, and on it goes. Do put your trust in the architects of these slave machines or do you trust the freedom found in following the Slain Lamb? Sure, on the surface it doesn’t make sense to follow the way of a slain lamb – but His way is a better way.

Even in Isaiah’s little parable – the welder and riveter neither trust the institution they are trying to keep erect, nor the workmanship of the other. The spot welder says, “yup, it’ll hold.” The riveter says, “let me just tack it down.”

The problem is simply this: distrust. We want to believe in this idol – but we don’t trust each other nor truly do we trust our idol will stay put. Come to Jesus – He’s the true thing that will not crumble, will not fall – He doesn’t need any props – and nails wont hold Him.

Stop nailing down false idols and but your trust in Jesus.

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