Isaiah 40:12-13 Unfathomable Faith

“Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand… who can fathom the Spirit of the Lord?” (Isaiah 40:12-13)

We live in an age where everyone wants answers. Mystery is a dirty word. We watch TV shows, from medical to criminal mysteries that are cured or conquered in 60 minutes or less. But Isaiah reminds us that to be a Christian is to be in the thick of mystery. Who can fathom the creation of God let alone God Himself?

Sometimes, as Christians, I feel we are afraid to witness to others concerning our faith because we are afraid that we don’t have all the answers for unbelievers. In the court of evangelism, we are witnesses, not experts called to the stand. We are called because we were there, we were present at the accident, not because we can reconstruct it. God has called us to have eyes and ears to see and to hear — to be a witness. And sometimes we have our view blocked, but we know that God is acting.

Instead of giving people answers, let us give them Jesus. Allow the mystery of our lives to actually be the revealer of Christ. We cannot fathom the complexities of the world, and yet we live in it. We cannot understand in totality the mysterious workings of the microwave, but I know that when I put my bag of popcorn in and hit the button I shall have a delicious snack. I trust my microwave to work as intended, even if I have no idea how it works. Even more so than can I trust my Jesus.

Being a Christian isn’t having all the answers; it is walking in faith that the Spirit of Christ within me will guide me through the valleys of shadows.

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