Isaiah 1:3-4

Good ‘ole Isaiah gets right to the point. In just a couple verses he explains the power of sin in our lives in four ways. We must keep ourselves from sin lest we find ourselves kept from our God and Savior.

First, sin makes you dumb. “The ox knows its owner… my people do not understand.” It is amazing how quickly sin can make us dense. Sin causes us to depart from common sense. Isaiah reminds us that dabbling in sinful behavior will cause us to become, well, stupid.

Second, sin is such a load. “a people loaded with guilt.” Often we think sin is a shortcut, but in reality, due to our stupidity, sin just becomes a hassle – a heavy hassle. Feeling burdened? Even worry, that is faithlessness (not believing God is in control) is heavy. We carry the burden but the more you worry does nothing to impact the outcome. Why waste the energy?

Third, sin is contagious. “children given to corruption.” Dumb likes company, especially when they can’t carry their own load – so the next step, share the burden, give the gift of guilt. Isaiah says once you get caught under the burden of sin to turns you; it makes you one who corrupts others. Now others are at stake, not merely you.

Fourth, sin leaves you abandoned. So, you made some dumb moves, now you’ve got this load to deal with and after you got some people to help out you darkened them and they, of course, left you abandoned… And you thought the Lord didn’t care – that’s why you went off and sinned in the first place.

But who truly abandoned whom? Isaiah reminds us that our Lord has not left you – you left Him for something better (harken, Adam and Eve). Here’s the deal from Isaiah. Sin is a dumb move that will just weight you down, make even your friends and family your enemies and leave you all alone. But repentance? Well, it’s the smartest move you can make – repenting of your sin will release that burden and the family of God with the Trinity (that never actually left you) will surround you with grace and mercy…

grace, getting what we do not deserve; mercy, not getting what we do deserve.

Jesus says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you” – is that a promise or a threat? Maybe before we step out in stupidity we can remember God is coming along with us – wherever we go, whatever we do. Maybe then we can turn the phrase around and say to our Lord, “I will never leave You nor forsake You, My God, My King.”

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