Symbols of Trust: Rainbow

How do I know I can trust God? Because it rains. Before Noah, it never rained. After that first storm I bet Noah and Co. became a bit skittish with every gathering cloud. But our Lord placed a marker in the sky, a rainbow.

Science can tell you the how but not the why. And these signs from God are for those who are looking, not for the skeptics. You wont win over a one who doesn’t fear God with a rainbow – it’s a covenant sign for covenant people. The rainbow is for people of faith to be reminded that God has kept his promises, ever since the first rainfall.

The rainbow is God’s promise to His people. It is an archer’s bow bent and aimed at the heavens. God placed a loaded gun aimed at Himself if he fails to keep His promise. We can trust Jesus because He has been in the trusting business for millenniums. And just to remind us at the end of every storm there is a glimmer in the heavens of His promises. Has God made promises to you? Has God spoken of the coming Messiah – He came in swaddling clothes and will return with robes of righteousness riding those very storm clouds to deliver you again.

You can trust your God. But the sign of trust comes after the storm passes. The rainbow doesn’t appear until the end of the storm, not before the lightning and thunder. But you know with every gathering storm that all storms before ended with a rainbow, so fear not, God will protect you in the storm. The first symbol of trust on our 12 days of Christmas – the rainbow, for God has been keeping promises from the beginning of time.

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