12 Days of Christmas

During the holiday season from Christmas Day to Epiphany (the  12 days of Christmas) I would like to explore some object lessons of faith from the Scriptures. Often it seems the blood of passover bleeds onto the Nativity. By that I mean we evangelicals tend to see the salvation of our Lord primarily through the work of the cross, and the swaddled child and the three years of public service take a back seat to the passion week.

But I believe we are to trust Jesus for more than our eternal after-life. Truly our eternal life begins the moment we trust in Him on our earthly walk. So in the next few days we shall explore the symbols of faith, the life of trusting God to be our glorious redeemer in this life, now. For the Israelites in Egypt, the Exodus was not a metaphor. It was a miraculous deliverance from physical bondage. Our salvation is greater than “Getting out of hell” – it is finding healing, liberation, and sanctification in our lives on earth as well as in heaven. So let us rejoice in the Lord’s birth, the salvation He brings and the deliverance from evil we encounter on our earthly pilgrimage.

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