Blessing Outsiders (2 Sam 6:10-11)

Uzzah, a priestly insider, treats the Ark as ordinary and dies. So David, not willing to take the Ark the rest of the trip for fear of the Lord, leaves it with Obed-Edom the Gittite. A Gittite is literally, “A resident of the city of Gath.” David leaves the Ark of the Covenant with an outsider of the covenant; a Philistine! Worse yet, the Lord blesses the household of the Philistine for as long as the Ark is there.
What can we grasp from this? How you treat the sanctified objects relates to how you treat the Holy One of Israel and how you shall be blessed by Him. The Jews were entrusted the Gospel, now the Gentiles make up the majority of the church. Careful lest we consider the holy as simply ordinary. May we learn from this that what we have is a gift of great value, treat it with reverence. And we also learn that those outside of the covenant can learn to hold the holy and in turn are blessed by the Lord. What is in your hand? How are you treating it? Beware of calling the holy ordinary.

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