Minister like Nehemiah (1:12)

Following are some conclusions we may draw from Nehemiah as he followed God’s leading in the rebuilding of Jerusalem. As we are called to build the people of God may we emulate this great leader. Nehemiah 1:12 says, “And I told no one what my God had put in my heart to do for Jerusalem.” Notice these four things in his comments.

  1. “God put…” God told him. Do what God calls you to, not what the people expect you to do.
  2. “…In my heart” If your heart is not in it, it may not be your calling – you have to be invested in it to see it prosper.
  3. “…to do for Jerusalem.”  God did not give you the vision in your heart for your own glory, it is in your heart for the people God has called you to minister unto.
  4. “I told no one.” Sometimes people just wont get what God has put in your heart and it is better at times not to share your dreams with others. They may deflate your aspirations in various ways – sometimes they thwart you on purpose, other times they discourage you merely by misunderstanding it. Some things grow better without an audience.

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