Sabbath: Time and Space

There is a slight difference between the two lists of 10 commandments concerning the Sabbath. On of these differences is the Lord’s reason why one should take a Sabbath. Exodus 20 focuses on the Lord resting from the six days of creation. Deuteronomy 5 focuses on the Lord delivering Israel from bondage in Egypt. May we also take time to be free to admire God’s creation and enjoy the world we made for ourselves in like maner of our Lord who stood back, admired his creation, and enjoyed the fruits of His labor. And may we also take time to remember we are no longer slaves – so do not be slaves to our schedules, our to-do lists, our work, etc. Take time to spend time with family and with our Lord. We see from this commandment to keep Sabbath that God is creator and keeper of space (creation) and time but not limited or bound to it. What we are always seeking is our space and more time. Let us learn to enjoy the space and time God has granted us and allow him to keep control of it instead of ourselves. Sabbath begins by realizing we are in God’s creation – we are not slave to it.

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