Jesus’ After School Lunch Program (Luke 9:10-17)

It seems trendy these days to get people to come to church if we advertise food first. “The way to the sinner’s heart is thru their stomachs.” – to parody an old line. But Christ doesn’t pander to the audience to get them to listen. In fact in this story Jesus is trying to escape the crowd for a bit of a break, but their need for Him is so great they search Him out and He obliges. The added bonus is a free meal… after listening. Jesus rewarded hungry behavior, hungry souls were satisfied, and then empty stomachs. I think in ministry we must be willing to give our last, even when we want to take a break, to those who are hungry and thirsty for righteousness. It seems in ministry our best goes to those who need it and don’t know it. We must minister first to those clamoring for more. Feed those who know they are lacking, do not spend as much time force-feeding the starving who are satisfied on their meager spiritual diets. Feed those with their mouths and heart open to receive.

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