The Necessity of the Word (Mtt 2:1-6)

Two things stick out to me from the story of the magi seeking “the King born of the Jews.” First, God used supernatural ways to bring non-believing pagans to worship Jesus. But God stopped just short and made them stop for the final directions from the Word of God. It seems to me that God can bring people to Him but the final step must be through the Bible. The magi were close, but not quite close enough without the essentail piece of revelation from the Bible.

Secondly, God rewards those that dilligently seek Him. It says to seek Him – not seek the Scriptures. What good is a well understood roadmap if you ever take the journey? The chief priests and scribes had no problem deciphering where the Messiah was to be born – but none of them accompanied the magi to Jesus on that short walk. How sad to know all, and be very close but in the end lose everything.

May we never be caught knowing about God and never meeting with God and may we always join new comers on the journey instead of merely pointing out the route and sending them on their way.

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