How do you spend your life?

Today’s Sermon: Our Motivation in Giving… Today I spoke on 2 Corinthians 9:5-13 and Paul’s discourse on three ways to give rightly and three ways not to give. Verses 5, 6, and 7 each give one good way and one not so good way to give. In the negative, 5 says not as an exaction. This I call, “giving because I have to” – sort of like God is the IRS. 6 says not sparingly. To me, this is, “Giving with me in mind.” Someone asks for my help and I say, “If I can spare the time.” I get first dibs, you get leftovers. 7 says not reluctantly or our of compulsion. I call this, “giving because I ought to.” Compulsion… another great word for guilt, which we all know that, “guilt is the gift that keeps on giving.”

Let us try to follow the positive views by Paul. Think of giving as a gift (v 5), bountifully (v 6), and cheerfully (v 7). When we give to the Lord of all of our resources let us give as if we were picking the perfect Christmas present – thoughtfully, specially, and excitingly.

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