God even uses stubborn disbelievers

Mark 16:14-15. Before Jesus delivers the Great Commission to his disciples, he begins with a rebuke the verse before! God still believes in us to carry His mission, even though he has seen our disbelief. The disciples were rebuked for two things, not having faith in Christ’s word and not having faith in the testimony of those who He had revealed Himslef to already.

So, what can we learn from this? Two things, God can use you even if your faith even in the foundamentals is shaky. And, be patient with those who God has given you as partners in ministry when you share your testimony and they fail to believe.

So the next time your faith faulters, have courage, God still is commissioning you. He has a plan for your life. And those stubborn people you are working with to fulfill the Great Commission? God’s using them too. They may give you a headache, but they are commissioned by God as well, even in their current lack-luster faith.

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