At Rest and the Attack of Satan

I’ve noticed a pattern in the Scriptures… Satan seems to attack after the blessing of the Lord has led His people into rest. Adam, after Eve’s entrance, is douped by the serpent leading to their expulsion. David, after God gives him rest on every side is incited to number the people resulting in a plague. Job, after sacrificing on behalf of his children, living in the prosperity of God’s blessing is buffeted by the Devil. Joshua the High Priest, preparing to begin the ministry again in Israel has Satan hanging in the wings…

Have you been attacked after God’s blessing is poured out upon you? After a spiritual high, after God gives you rest on every side? You are in good company. But I urge you, do not let the devil steal your joy – fight for it. When you are in the palm of God’s hand, be prepared to be the center of Satan’s target. The key is to abide in the joy of the Lord, and not strive to dodge the flaming arrows, thereby falling out of God’s hand. Hold the shield of faith high – faith in Jesus – believe God has it under control.

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