What happened to Sacrifice?

One thing seems prevelent in the consumer minded American church culture from my perspective… the loss of sacrifice. I hear of churches wondering how to attract new people… I myself have been caught up in this same thinking. We forget, God is the one who calls. But because of our desire to impress our Lord with the ability to add to the herd, and our desire to see ourselves as accomplished workers in the vineyard, often we are found bargaining with the sheep and coxing the grapes to ripen by offering deals. We will change our music, shorten our sermons, produce better child-care, etc. Instead of saying, “Come and bring your sacrifices to the Lord,” we say, “No worries, we’ve got you covered, sit, relax, be comfortable, enjoy, come back next week.” We sacrifice to them instead of to the Lord. Instead of sacrificing our music preference in order to encourage new believers to worship, we complain, or leave (so much for a sacrifice of praise).

We need to recover sacrifice as a habit. Sacrifice of our time, talent, talk and treasure. America will sacrifice, for themselves. America is in debt, to looking good, feeling good, being comfortable… But will America heed the call to bring their gifts to the Temple of the Lord, Jesus Christ? Are we willing to swallow hard and bring our time, talent, talk and treasure to the Lord in order to bless Him before us, and to bless others before us as well?

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