The Superlative Life (Job 1:8)

        My wife and I were just blessed by becoming parents a couple weeks ago. I didn’t know it at first, but by becoming parents, my wife and I have just stepped into the land of superlatives. This is the first grandbaby for my parents, and the first granddaughter for my in-laws. What I did not know was that upon Evelyn Noel’s entrance into the world that she would be entering the superlative life. You see, grandparents get their eager mitts on these tiny wonders and begin to exclaim that their grandchild is the cutest, the brightest, and the one child far beyond her hours in development. She is not just average, not just cute, but the cutest. Every little thing she does is recounted as a glorious feat. And so maybe it is for a day old child. I must confess, the superlative fever struck me as well, as I encouraged the behavior by giving my mother a sweatshirt imprinted with bears and words, “The Beary Best Grandmother.”

        I guess I follow in the pattern of God as well. You see, at the beginning of creation God spent days making the world and declaring after each feat, “This is good.” And then, he came to humankind. Here he carefully crafted man and women, took a step back to admire his work and declared boldly, “These guys are very good.” We come to the opening of the book of Job, and God just cant help but gloat over his servant Job. God too, dwells at times in the land of superlatives. “Have you seen my servant Job,” He asks the Satan. “Oh, my, there is not one person like him on the whole earth! He is blameless and upright, he fears me and avoids evil! He’s my man!” You see, God, just like parents, sometimes is blinded by love and remembers the joy, more than the bad times.

        Let’s face it, we have sinned, we will sin again. But, in repentance and the forgiveness we find God forgets the bad and remembers the superlatives in our lives. We, though, often focus on the negatives. Take a look at those in Hebrews chapter 11. These are those great ones of faith, and yet as God remembers them as pillars of faith, the first thing we remember about each person is their great sins as recorded in the Old Testament. Now, we must also remember that for those who live without true repentance are also remembered in the superlative land of God as well. Remember the kings epitaphs. Take for instance Omri who, “did evil in the eyes of the Lord and sinned more than all those before him” (I Kings 16:25). My prayer, is that I may be found faithful, live a life of repentance and be remembered by my God in the positive superlative life, like Job. May you be God’s greatest asset and a person of his pride as you journey this way of faith.

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